Janet is a somewhat useless kaiju created by Scoobydooman90001 that also happens to be transgender.


Janet has a very weird appearance. She has a large white fish-like head with three tendrils protruding from the back of it. She has two yellow eyes and two red large lips lined with sharp teeth. This head is connected to a smaller circle body by two flailing tubes. She has two long legs and dark purple heels.


Janet made her first appearance when she watched Generikko defeat a pack of invading brutish wolf kaiju armed with guns on their backs. Admiring his bravery, she decided to declare her bravery by openly declaring that she was transgender. She didn't really do anything after that other than hang around Generikko. She continues to live with Generikko, secretly annoying him to this day, though she is not aware of this. She genuinely considers him to be a friend and is unaware that he hates her mere presence.


Janet doesn't have any abilities. She only exists to hang around Generikko and act as his sidekick. However, she never helps him.


  • Janet is a satirical take on how some TV shows feature characters of different sexual preference, ethnicity, gender or disability that don't contribute to anything and only exist for political correctness.
  • While Reptar is the first kaiju on this wiki to get a sex change, Janet is the first openly transgender kaiju. Let's celebrate being PC.
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