This article mentions Janyur as in Our Great Hero, Ultraman.


A strange object from space crashed near Sydney. When a python got close to it, Seeing a light source that was emenating warmth. It suddenly mutated, then started to head towards Sydney. The military attempted to stop the creature, but they were completely ineffective. The creature soon destroyed the forces sent after it.

Though this wasn't before Ultraman Great appeared to fight Janyur. The battle began. After a long battle, Ultraman flew 4,000 meters up, and all the way to space. Then, he flew down again. As he was rocketing down to the ocean, Janyur blasted electricity at him, which caused injury. However, very soon, Janyur's body was deteriorated by the immense heat of entering earths atmosphere at phenomenal speed.

Little did they know, at the bottom of the ocean, Janyur was regenerating from just a fragment of it's vertebrae. Soon, it completly reformed, and swam to the surface, near Tokyo. It blasted tremendous bolts of lightning at the buildings. Then swam to the mainland with terrifying speed. The military developed special plasma tanks, which would have an effect on Janyur. They were correct in their hypothesis, and they almost completely destroyed the beast. Unfortunately, Janyur regenerated when the plasma tanks ran out of ammunition. Without hesituation, Janyur incinerated the military tanks, as well as most of the troops that were sent to stop it. As the last of the squad prepared to face death, aomething collided into Janyur.

It was Ultraman. He soon grabbed Janyur by the tail, and slamed it onto the ground. The great battle begun again. After a while, Ultraman began to strangle Janyur, but Janyur blasted electricity at Ultraman. As Janyur prepared to inject venom into Ultraman, he used his Burning Plasma move, decintegrating Janyur completely.


This one resembles the original, except with a more rocky appearance, and that it's coloring is more of a dark green, rather than turquoise.


  • Emmiting electricity
  • Electic beam blast
  • Venomous bite
  • Regeneration