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The contents of this page are meant to be a joke.
Do not take anything written here seriously.

Jeckles (Or as he calls himself "Jeckles the destroyer") is a man made thinga-ma-bob-er kaiju created by SuperNerd. I honestly don't know what this thing is.


Jeckles has a mechanical rabbit like head with one red eye and an eyepatch. His head is connected to a central joint piece he uses to move his two feet (one looking like a paw the other like a banana peel.), and his tail, which is split into two parts, a knife and a lighter.


Jeckles was created by some weird tinkerer in his garage as a thing. Jeckles served no real purpose until the 5Nahc civil war where he did basically nothing but was honored for somehow killing many thousands of enemy soldiers. After the war, Jeckles was falsely charged with war crimes and was sent into universe 666, where he became a criminal who would constantly boast about being powerful, only to get beat up or run in the face of danger.


  • Knife - Knife
  • Lighter - It can set things on fire...
  • Extra Articulation - He's the most poseable action figure kaiju on the planet!


The first of his kind to have no name origin!


  • This is an Easter kaiju... Happy Easter!
  • Jeckles is a parody of people who say they will fight you and do bad things to your family, but never do because it's an empty threat.
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