MosuFan2004 (ORIGINAL) | Cdrzillafanon's version

Jeff-saurus is a kaiju created by MosuFan2004 and adapted by Cdrzillafanon for his universe.


Jeff-saurus looks like light gray Kamata-kun with some redish-pinkish parts like dorsal plates and gills and has Jeff the Potato's face.


Jeff-saurus was a well known and for some reason, very popular Spoopypasta character. He was brought to life when a fangirl made a creepypasta about Jeff-saurus and her OC, Jane-Saurus. In the fanfic, Jeff-saurus, like in the original spoopypasta, was a psychopathic killer that killed his own family, and the family of Jane-saurus. After Jane-saurus went crazy to, the two became enemies and tried to kill each other a couple times. In a similar phenomena to what happened with the T-Rex games, the original Jeff-saurus the scary killer story, as well as the fanfic, became reality. As such, Jeff-saurus and Jane-saurus became real Kaiju. They continued trying to kill one another, until the fangirl that created Jane-saurus started to have fangirls of her own. They started shipping Jeff and Jane, which caused the real Jeff-saurus and Jane-saurus to have an on-again off-again relationship/desire to kill each other. They also teamed up against Michel Myers that one time. Currently, Jeff-saurus is spending his time being an edgy murderer dude, and nobody really thinks he's scary anymore.

Jeff-saurus later got into yet another fight with Jane-saurus, resulting in both of them not paying attention to their surroundings and falling into one of Universe 986's convenient wormholes and ending up in Universe 1602. In Universe 1602, Jeff and Jane retain a cancerous fanbase of edgy 13 year olds.


  • Knife: Knife.
  • Plot Armor: Jeff-saurus uses bad writing to get himself out of any sticky situations.
  • Same abilities as Mosu's version
  • Fangirl summon.


  • Jeff-saurus, along with many other Creepypasta Kaiju, is going to appear in Council Of Creators. Due to the original MosuFan Jeff-saurus being a good guy, this version of him will be the one to appear.
  • Jeff-saurus is the 400th page on the FMK Wikia.

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