Jefferey's Jefftastic Space Adventures is a 13 episode mini series created by SuperNerd. It mainly focuses on Jefferey and his many opponents.

Episodes Edit

Season One Edit

Season Two Edit


Reception Edit

People thought the over the top deaths, gore, and violence where funny. I have to agree.

Characters Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Episode 13 is the crossover with Oh Pi. It was decided by SuperNerd and Scoobydooman due to the kaiju being quite possibly the strongest on the wiki.
  • Despite the stories not taking place in the Council of Creators, Jefferey makes an appearance.
  • T-Rex appears in Season 2 during the final battle of the series, alongside Oh Pi and Jefferey to save universe 666.
    • However, unlike Oh Pi, T-Rex is his original self.

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