Jefferey's Jefftastic Space Adventures is a 33 episode series created by SuperNerd. It mainly focuses on Jefferey and his many opponents.


Season One

Season Two



People thought the over the top deaths, gore, and violence where funny. I have to agree. Season 1 was also very positively viewed and it's popularity on the wiki was the whole reasoning for the second season.


Season One

Season Two

Jefferey's Jefftastic First Movie



  • Episode 13 is the crossover with Oh Pi. It was decided by SuperNerd and Scoobydooman due to the kaiju being quite possibly the strongest on the wiki.
  • Despite the stories not taking place in the Council of Creators, Jefferey makes an appearance.
  • T-Rex appears in Season 2 during the final battle of the series, alongside Oh Pi and Jefferey to save universe 666.
    • However, unlike Oh Pi, T-Rex is his original self.