John Gojira (English Translation: Johnzilla) is an upcoming character from Council of Creators.

History Edit

John Gojira was once just a person named John, but during an air strike, he was irradiated and mutated to have reptilian features. He also grew to 150 meters. He gained abilities.

He met with the Council of Creators, and joined forces with them.

Description Edit

He resembles Godzilla, except with more spines, with some spikey areas on his chest. He has black, scaley skin. The spikes on his chest are light blue. He has brown eyes, as well. The dorsal spines are similar to Millenium Godzilla's spines, and he has a head similar to the Hesei Godzilla.

He is more slenderly built, rather than being bulkily built, like Godzilla, however.

Abilities Edit

  • Adapting
  • Atomic Fire Breath
  • Shooting his middle dorsal spine
  • Regeneration
  • Releasing a wave of atomic energy
  • Atomic array
  • Intelligence

Trivia Edit

  • This is the character representing myself.

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