Joyzilla is an emotion created by Scoobydooman90001.


As every emotion does, Joyzilla worked inside Godzilla's head to keep him operating as a functioning being. However, things went wrong when she and Sadnesszilla were caught up in a mind tube. This led to them being removed from Godzilla's body and forced to act as normal kaiju. The two emotions embarked on a journey to find Godzilla and get back inside of his body to make them more stable. They eventually found him and attempted to become allies with him. However, he saw them as enemy kaiju and attacked them. They got into a long battle that lasted a full hour. Godzilla struck down Joyzilla and killed her. Wiping away her last tear, she vanished out of existence. Sadnesszilla used this as a distraction and managed to get into Godzilla's body again. Hoping to find the other emotions, Sadnesszilla found nothing but an empty control room. It turned out that they had left Godzilla's body too so that they could find Joyzilla and Sadnesszilla. Now that Godzilla only had a sad emotion inside of him, he became vulnerable and depressed. Ghidorah, who had been monitoring everything from space, came to Earth and took this opportunity to defeat his enemy. He killed his enemy, resulting in the death of Sadnesszilla too. It was just at this moment that Disgustzilla, Angerzilla and Fearzilla returned from their long journey. Realizing what had happened, they teamed up to fight Ghidorah so that they could stop him from destroying Earth. The fight lasted for 20 minutes before they realized he was too powerful. They then formulated a new, superior plan. Fearzilla jumped out of hiding and distracted Ghidorah long enough for Disgustzilla and Angerzilla to enter his body. This temporarily knocked out Ghidorah, allowing Fearzilla to also enter his body. Inside his body, the three emotions discovered that Ghidorah had no emotions and was simply a mindless beast that desired nothing else but to kill. They initiated the second phase of their plan as Ghidorah began to wake up. Disgustzilla first operated the controls and forced Ghidorah to feel disgusted with the horrible monster he had become. Fearzilla then took control and forced Ghidorah to be frightened of how much more he could do and become. Angerzilla finally took control and forced Ghidorah to be angry at this revelation. All three emotions then took control at once and forced Ghidorah to fire at himself with his gravity beams. This completely tore his body up and he died, killing the emotions with him.


Joyzilla is similar in appearance to Godzilla though she has blue scruffy hair, two ears, two wide blue eyes, a small nose and a wide mouth with pale lips. She wears a green jumpsuit and has yellow skin.


  • Atomic Beam: As Joyzilla is an emotion created within the head of Godzilla, she can use a yellow version of his atomic beam.



  • In case it isn't obvious, this kaiju and the storyline it is involved in is a parody of the Pixar movie, Inside Out.
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