Kai Hometa is the sixth Kaiju that Archon faced.


There was an earthquake near Honolulu, followed by a volcanic eruption from Mount Krakatoa.

Months after, a submarine was sent to a depth of 12,000 feet. They dropped some sound bombs. However, a strange creature was awakened from the strange rock formation. It destroyed the submarine.

Hours later, at 9:00 pm, the strange creature, soon named Kai Hometa, rose from the ocean nearby. The creature destroyed several buildings. The military was no good against it. It spewed magma, incinerating everything in its path. Soon, Archon appeared, an attempted to attack Kai Hometa. However, Kai Hometa was able to counter the attack.

They battled for several hours. At 2:30 am, the battle was almost over. Kai Hometa attempted to crush Archon with its physical mass. However, Archon blasted heat breath at Kai Hometa's underbelly, heavily injuring Kai Hometa. This allowed Archon to escape from underneath Kai Hometa. As Kai Hometa attempted to devour Archon, he blasted heat breath in her inside, killing Kai Hometa.


Kai Hometa has the exact appearance as a Nudibranch, except that she has two large shells on her back. She's purple, with red stripes, due to magma flowing through her. She has tentacles for grabbing victims.


  • Spewing magma
  • Magma lasers from her shells
  • Creating cracks for magma to flow out
  • Blasting molten rock
  • Crushing opponents with her physical mass


  • Kai Hometa is the largest and most physically massive of all the Archon Kaiju.