Katanoborg is a gigantic cybor Kaiju.



When aliens wanted to conquer Earth, they sent a gigantic cyborg using a dead creature on their planet. It launched towards earth at Mach 1,000. When it reached the asteroid belt, it ran into Ultraman. It hurled crackling electricity at Ultraman, then slashed him across the side. The battle was on, and it was rough. Katanoborg used his chest beam using his reactor, incinerating lots of asteroids. Ultraman eventually was able to throw an asteroid at Katanoborg, and win the day.

Shin Godzilla III

A meteor hit in the Pacific Ocean. There were signs of life inside it. So when they examined it, a gigantic creature burst out of it, and destroyed all the submarines that were there. It rose to the surface near Tokyo, where it was greeted with fighter jets blasting it. However, it easily destroyed them, and resumed heading towards Tokyo. However, there was volcanic activity, and Godzilla was able to come from the volcano. Godzilla attacked Katanoborg, throwing him around. Katanobo flew up into the sky, but when he turned, Godzilla used his atomic fire fro his spines, and blasted Katanoborg out of the sky. The battle was on. When Katanoborg used its reactor beam, it had no effect on Godzilla. Then Godzilla broth his atomic fire breath, destroying Katanoborg.


Katanoborg has three katanas, one on its head, and two on its arms. It has yellow eyes and silver armor, as well as green scaly skin. It has one tail in Ultraman, and three in Shin Godzilla III.


  • Emitting electricity from its head katana.
  • Reactor Blast.