Keith is a stupid kaiju that was created by Scoobydooman90001.


Keith is a gigantic reptilian character that is purple in colour. He has a block-shaped head with two googly eyes and a wide mouth. His green tongue usually hangs out of his mouth. He has four folds of fat on the front of his neck and two very humanoid arms. He has two long legs with two circular feet attached to the bottom of them. Keith has pale spikes leading down his back from his head to his tail.


Keith was awoken when an archaeological dig ended up digging into his home. He immediately caused everyone there to become incredibly stupid and then climbed out of his cave. He made his way to the city where he began to play around with the buildings, assuming they were toys. The military attempted to attack him but they came into range of his stupefying pulse, forcing them to become incredibly stupid, resulting in the deaths of several airborne soldiers who had forgotten how to pilot military aircraft. Oh Pi then attempted to fight the creature but was also made incredibly stupid, rendering him unable to battle. He was defeated by his own stupidity when David Daykin created a machine that blasted a similar stupefying pulse. Keith was made more stupid that he already was and in the confusion, fell into the ocean, drowning himself.


  • Stupefying Pulse: Keith emits a sort of pulse that lowers the IQ of every living being around it to the point where they are unable to perform some of their basic functions.
  • Agility: Keith is a very fast kaiju and can run at high speeds.
  • Strong Tail: Keith likes to smash things using his strong tail.


  • Keith is the only kaiju in the Oh Pi universe with a human name.
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