Killer King's head is a mask, his body is half blue and half yellow, with flames for hair and a little leather card box.


A week after Wanna Be's defeat a saucer appears on Earth saying that if Atum didn't appeared in 1 hour he would conquer Earth.

1 hour passed and Killer King started conquering Earth, but he only sent his army of Wanna Bes. Atum soon appeared and defeated weach WB one by one until he reached Killer King's most powerful Wanna Be named, Andrew.


Atum and Andrew started a fierce fight and with Andrew being the strongest out of the two and being mostly unaffected by Atum's attacks.

Zoa Muruchi

Andrew transformed into a Zoa Muruchi being even more strong than before making, but was cut in half by Atum.


Andrew once again transformed into a more powerful kaiju being the Chimera Space Beast, Tyrant. Andrew easily defeated, but RA HQ revived Atum with a beam made out of light making Atum revive and his time on Earth being expanded to 6 minutes. Atum and Andrew start a catastrophic fight ending with Andrew being impaled.

God Vs. King

Atum and King start to fight. Atum takes out his Pillar Blade and King withdraws his Playing Cards Blade, Atum easily cuts the King's PCB and makes an gigantic cut on King. Atum and King prepare to use their finishers and after they're launched a explosion is caused killing King and destroying his saucers.


  • Wanna Be Army: Killer King can use his Wanna Be army to easily conquer planets;
  • Playing Cards Blade: Killer King can make a blade made out of cards;
  • Guaranteed to Blow your Mind: Killer King can shoot a powerful purple beam from his eye sockets.


  • Killer King's name is a parody of the song Killer Queen by Queen;
  • Killer King's playing cards techniques are inspired by one of the author's friend name, Kevin. That has an obsession of using magic tricks with cards;
  • "Guaranteed to Blow your Mind" is a reference to the lyrics of the same song.
  • Killer King's design resembles the Oscars.