King Godzilla is a Godzilla-Ghidorah-Battra-Biollante hybrid Kaiju, and would have appeared as the final opponent in User:KoopaGalaxain's scrapped sprite comic, Hail to the King.


King Godzilla's appearance is essentially the same as his appearance in the 1992 manga Hail to the King is based on. He has the body of Godzilla but the wings of Battra and the legs of King Ghidorah. King Godzilla's arms are replaced by two of King Ghidorah's necks and heads.


Hail to the King

Very little is known about King Godzilla's role in the comic as the series was ultimately cancelled, only that he would have been the final opponent in the series.

Council of Creators

Alongside the other monsters recruited from the Refugee Universe by Flurr, King Godzilla makes an appearance in Episode 30.


  • Gravity Atomic Breath: King Godzilla can fire his Gravity Beams in tandem with his Atomic Breath. The resultant beam can devastate entire cities at a time.
  • Neck Constriction: King Godzilla can constrict opponents by using his King Ghidorah necks to wrap around them.
  • Flight: King Godzilla can use Battra's wings to fly.
  • Biollante Sap: If King Godzilla's chest is damaged, Biollante's head will grow in its place. This head can then fire jets of sap that explode upon contact with a target.


  • Personally, King Godzilla has to be one of my favourite Kaiju. There's something about his insane design and ludicrous abilities that make me smile.
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