King GoldFredorah is a Kaiju from Universe 5353535, or the FNAF King universe.


Freddyzilla had an intake of souls, and grew enormous. However, King GoldFredorah grew due to radiation. He was mutated to have his puppets turn into more heads. He also evolved wings. King GoldFredorah then turned his villainous gaze on the city. He flew through, destroying it. However, Feddyzilla, Bonniezilla, Foxyzilla, and Chicra were there to fight him.

The battle was on. Chicra flew and hurled torrents of powder at King GoldFredorah, Freddyzilla breathed fire breath at him as well. Eventually, King GoldFredorah was defeated. He retreated far away.


King GoldFredorah has two feet, like King Ghidorah. He also has wings, a Golden Freddy head, and two serpent heads. He has a mostly Golden Freddy body, other than those features. He also has black eyes.


  • Sonic boom from his microphone
  • Lightning breath (like King Ghidorah)
  • Microphone beam


  • There are plenty of Kaiju like King Farquadorah, Shrekzilla, and the emotions that are Kaiju, so I'm making these kinds of Kaiju.

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