King Mandorah first appeared in Godzilla vs King Mandorah, which was also his last appearance.


After Godzilla and Mothra defeated King Ghidorah, he sank to the bottom of the ocean. When he was there, he was attacked by Manda. King Ghidorah defeated Manda, and absorbed him. This formed King Mandorah rose to the surface and attacked Tokyo. Godzilla soon appeared, and fought King Mandorah. When Godzilla was winning, King Mandorah spread his wings and gabbed Godzilla. He flew 1,000 meters into the air when Godzilla broth his atomic fire breath, and they fell into the ocean. Apon landing, they grappled with each other, trying to overpower each other. When they reached the bottom of the ocean, King Mandorah swam charged at Godzilla, but Godzilla through King Mandorah into an underwater volcano, which incinerated King Mandorah.


King Mandorah is golden with aquamarine stripes. His wings are similar to fish fins. When swimming, he swims in the manner a Manta Ray does. The left head is that of Manda, the right head is King Ghidorah's head, and the middle head is a cross between the two. He is also still bipedal.


  • The left head breathes fire.
  • The left head breathes electricity.
  • The middle head breathes electricity and fire.