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King Rabbidorah is a Ghidorah kaiju created by Scoobydooman90001.


King Rabbidorah looks like a basic Ghidorah and is covered in white fur. He has a circular stomach, two small wings and three Rabbid heads. As normal Rabbids do not have tails, King Rabbidorah doesn't have the usual two tails that a Ghidorah would normally have.


King Rabbidorah was born on an uncharted island in Universe 1602. This is where all of the Rabbids lived with King Rabbidorah as their great leader. After realizing that torturing each other was getting boring, they decided to abduct a long-forgotten hero so that they could put him in a gladiator arena and make him play party games. However, Rayman didn't exist in this universe and therefore they couldn't use him to gain popularity. Despite the fact that they were aware of the existence of Sonic the Kaiju, Nootzilla and multiple other kaiju based on popular characters that could easily help them gain popularity, they settled on Jimmy Rustler Kong and forced him to participate in their repetitive mini-games. Unsurprisingly, this didn't boost their popularity and they were left on their island to be forgotten and did not receive any games, TV shows or movies. After Jimmy Rustler Kong escaped (he walked out of the front door without being noticed), King Rabbidorah left the island to recapture him. He soon discovered that the Minionzillas, creatures that were just like the Rabbids but not funny and more obnoxious, had gained a lot of popularity and were loved by children everywhere. Angered by this, King Rabbidorah declared war on the Minionzillas. The war lasted for two whole weeks and most of the Minionzillas were wiped out. King Rabbidorah and his Rabbids returned to their island and the humans simply assumed that the Minionzilla infection had been contained. However, with more Despicable Me movies coming out, there is always the chance that the Minionzillas could come back again to fight a war with the Rabbids once again...


  • Universe Jumping: Though King Rabbidorah lives in Universe 1602, he is able to burrow into the ground and then then tunnel through the ground and back out of the ground into whatever location and / or universe is convenient for him. This is just like the normal Rabbids who are seemingly able to travel to multiple different locations in the multiple games and TV series that they have appeared in.
  • Juice Beams: Instead of firing gravity beams, King Rabbidorah fires carrot juice beams at his enemies. He usually sprays these beams into his enemies eyes as that stuff really stings.
  • Flight: Like any normal Ghidorah, King Rabbidorah is able to fly.


  • This kaiju is a parody of the Rabbids and how they eventually lost their popularity and were succeeded by the more obnoxious, unfunny Minions.

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