King Reptilian is the seventh Kaiju that Archon faced.


Some archeologists were on an expedition in the rainforests of Malaysia. They found a temple with strange hieroglyphs and runes. At the center was a large talisman. The archeologists removed the stone, unknowingly releasing an ancient evil.

Weeks later, a creature appeared in Sydney. The archeologists identified it as Raja Reptilia, from poctures of the temple. They translated it to King Reptilian.

King Reptilian soon appeared in New York. It destroyed the skyscrapers and multitudinous buildings. Though, Archon appeared with his son.

They fought for a long time. Archons son had been injured to the point where he couldn't move. In grief and anger, Archon attacked King Reptilian using multiple slashes from his crest. Though King Reptilan was injured severely, he used his pure energy breath, and almost killed Archon. Having no strength left, Archon shed all of his radiation to his son, sacrificing himself.

Becoming a fully grown Archon, Junior attacked King Reptilian with a might unrivaled. He eventually finished King Reptilian off by basting heat breath at him, ultimately destroying King Reptilian.


King Reptilian has greyish skin, with dark gray spikes on his back. He has spines on his chest, and a "crown" on his head.

He has a bulky form, with a large head with massively powerful jaws.


  • Blasting lightning from his shoulder spikes
  • Pure energy beam
  • Healing
  • Blasting energy from his arms


  • King Reptilian is the Kaiju that got the closest to killing Archon.