Koopular is a fusion of KoopaGalaxian and Bemular created by Alien Guts and Alien Shaplay.


Koopular looks like a fusion of Koopa and Bemular


First Appearance

One day Cdrzillafanon and Koopa were strolling through the streets of a universe they had found, on an alien planet. While talking about the universes they had created, as well as documenting information on this new one, the two were attacked by an Alien Guts and an Alien Shaplay. The two aliens came out of an alleyway and attacked the two creators, and injected a syringe into Koopa's leg, stealing some of his DNA. The two aliens then teleported away, leaving the creators to deal with a Black King and a Zaragas under their control. The creators destroyed the two Kaiju. "I think my Ultraman Jack form scared them off. They probably thought I was a real Ultra." said Cdr. "You are a real Ultra, technically. They stuck something in my leg though". replied Koopa. The two kept walking, wondering the Alien's intentions.

Meanwhile, back at a secret laboratory, the two nefarious aliens intended to use the DNA they had gained from Koopa. After combining the DNA with that of a Bemular, the Kaiju known as Koopular was born. Guts and Shaplay wasted no time in sending the creature on a rampage. Luckily, Cdr and Koopa were in the area, and took action against this hybrid beast. After a long battle, Koopular was defeated, and the two aliens were captured and turned over to the Space Garrison.

Koopular vs Hoopular

Koopular appeared as a main character in the film, battling Hoopular for the film's duration until being killed by Bemular along with Hoopular. 


  • Heat Beam
  • Travel Sphere
  • Absorption Inheritance


  • The idea of Koopular came from a nickname used by MKG789 on the Wikizilla Chat Room to refer to KoopaGalaxian. After Cdr commented that it sounded like a WeegeeZilla Absorption Inheritance Bemular form, the original idea for Koopular was born.
  • Koopular is the first sprite/suit hybrid Kaiju on this wiki.