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The contents of this page are meant to be a joke.
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Lady T-Rex is T-Rex's waifu and the mother of T-Rex Jr, Baby T-Rex, and Little T-Rex.


Lady T-Rex looks like a pink T-Rex with hearts on her back.


Meeting T-Rex

T-Rex and Lady T-Rex met at the Monster Island bar, and their relationship went on from there. The two went on a bunch of adventures, and had three kids together. Lady T-Rex had also fought alongside T-Rex in the Fandom Wars, but they were in separate platoons.


While helping T-Rex in a fight, Lady T-Rex was sent through one Universe 986's wormholes. No one has any idea where she went, and she might return someday. Especially now that she has a page.

The Return of Lady T-Rex

It turns out Lady T-Rex ended up in Universe 988 after her disappearance. After helping the Godzilla of that universe defend earth from the Simians and the aliens who built Mecha MechaGodzilla, the GDF rebuilt the Dimension Tide. After hijacking the device, Lady T-Rex managed to return to her home universe. After returning, Lady T-Rex swam all the way to Monster Island and attempted to find her husband. Once reaching the Island, Lady T-Rex found Super Biollante trying to seduce T-Rex. Lady T-Rex attacked Super Biollante in order to save her man. After SB revealedvthat her true plan was to eat T-Rex, he, Lady T-Rex, and T-Rex Jr joined forces and defeated Super Biollante.

The Invasion of the dolphins

Lady T-Rex helped fight off the dolphin invasion with the rest of the T-Rex family.

The Mentally Insane Adventures of T-Rex

Lady T-Rex makes frequent appearances in the series as a recurring character.


  • Same as T-Rex


  • Lady T-Rex is an obvious parody of Gojirin, as well as Oh Petta, two Kaiju that are pink female versions of existing characters.
  • Lady T-Rex's nickname of "T-Rex's waifu" is a reference to the waifus on MosuFan wiki.
  • See, she's back now. I told you her having a page would make her return to Universe 986.