Leafysaurus is a Youtuber Kaiju from Universe 1602.


Leafysaurus resembles a shitty dinosaur halloween costume with the real Leafy's head, two cigarettes (presumably with weed in them) sticking out of his nostrils, and a baseball cap with the outdated "OBEY" meme on the front of it. There is also a random face on his tail.


Leafysaurus was one of many Kaiju in Universe 1602 with dreams of becoming a Youtuber. He achieved this dream, gaining massive popularity, but not through yelling and swearing and playing video games like his fellow Yotubers, Leafysaurus instead posted rant videos about his fellow Youtubers, sparking city-leveling drama over the stupidest of things, while Leafysaurus fed off of the conflict. Leafysaurus continued with this for some time, until some people started to call him out, and other Youtubers like Keemosaur began to do his job but worse. Leafysaurus's power began to diminish, but he would not accept defeat. Leafysaurus managed to maintain notable popularity, in spite of his leeching off the drama of other Youtubers. Thankfully for us all, Leafysaurus has not discovered the Godzilla fandom...



  • Drama Starting. Leafysuarus can instantly spark drama between any two or more individuals at will. This also gives him views.
  • Smoke Blasts. Leafysaurus can blast puffs of smoke out of the cigarettes in his nose.
  • Fireballs. Another attack from the cigarettes, Leafy can shoot small fireballs from them. 
  • Weed. Leafysaurus can use the power of weed to make his opponent high.
  • Hatarang. Leafysaurus can throw his Obey hat like a boomerang.
  • Leafysaurus feeds off of conflict, drama, and contreversy, hence why he starts it so much on Youtube. 
  • MLG Power: Through some unknown means, Leafysaurus has some degree of MLG power. 


  • This Kaiju is obviously based off and a parody of the real Youtuber Leafy.
  • This is probably the worst Youtuber/Meme Kaiju I've made.....