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The contents of this page are meant to be a joke.
Do not take anything written here seriously.

In case you were expecting a serious Dorito Kaiju

Lenny The Dorito is a random Dorito Kaiju that randomly appears in the background during various events in Universe 986.


Lenny The Dorito looks like a Dorito with Le Lenny's face. He also has an assault rifle for some reason.


Universe 986

No one knows where Lenny came from or what he is. All that is known is that he has an assault rifle and that he has appeared in the background of many Universe 986 events for unknown reasons. He never contributes anything, he's just there. The only time Lenny was caught on footage was when T-Rex attacked the Illuminati's HQ and teamed up with Doge to battle the Illuminatisaurus Rex. Lenny never even used his assualt rifle. In short, Lenny's existence and motivation are unknown. He's pretty much the most pointless Kaiju ever. Lenny watched the entire events of T-Rex: Final Final Wars: Giant Clusterf*** All Out Attack! but did nothing whatsoever to impact the events.

Moving Universes

One day Lenny was watching a fight between T-Rex and some other Kaiju when he was pulled into one of Universe 986's convenient wormholes. He ended up in Universe 1602. Upon entering this universe, Lenny went on a rampage and killed alternate versions of Serpentis, Staryup, and Oh Pi before being told by his god, God Le Lenny to stop it. Lenny the Dorito lives in Universe 1602 this day and just kinda watches stuff.

Becoming an Actor

Lenny later met Redman at a bar and got an offer to become an actor. He did so, and was in several movies in the Redman franchise. As such, all the stuff below is non-canon movies Lenny acted in until I say they aren't.

Red Galaxy The Movie: Mega Fan Made Kaiju Battle

In this movie made to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Redman, it was revealed that Lenny is actually the Son of Redman, and is destined for greatness and all that. When Evil Redman created his 1000 monster army to fight Redman, Spectreman, Jet Jaguar, Godzilla, Mirrorman, The Giant Claw, and Triple Fighter, Lenny arrived out of nowhere after he was done training with Astra, and beat the shit out of Evil Redman only for Evil Redman to use his magic monster stick to create a really big Tyrant. The really big Tyrant was super powerful but Lenny used his recently gained Gary Stu powers to defeat really big Tyrant with the help of the other heroes, but Redman was unfortunately killed in the battle, but it's ok he's better now. Lenny then went on to have more adventures and become really popular to the point where most of the Redman fandom became annoyed by lenny and the fact that he was in everything.

Lenny The Dorito The Movie: Revenge of Evil Redman

It turned out that Evil Redman survived and went to another universe and made a huge empire and an army or robit Lennys. Luckily Lenny used his Gary Stu powers to go the other universe and makes a team of kool doods like Fireman, Jumborg Ace, etc, and begins to fight against Evil Redman. However Evil Redman uses the powers of the shiny emeralds to transform into Arch Evil Redman and completely #rekts Lenny and his friends. Luckily Ultraman The Next shows up randomly and gives Lenny some super sweet armor which he uses to defeat Evil Redman again, saving the day.

Lenny The Dorito Gaiden: Lenny vs Darclops Lenny

In this weird prequel thingy to Revenge of Evil Redman, Lenny fights his robotic duplicate, Darclops Lenny. After beating up the Robot Other Heroes and Mecha Red King Lenny finally defeated Darclops Lenny but a planet got destroyed in the process but it's ok because Lenny and the human characters got out ok.

Redman Saga


Ultra Lenny Fight


Redman Ginga S The Movie: something something something something


Redman X


Redman Orb


Red Fight Orb


Redman Orb The Movie: Lend me the power of whatever


Redman Geed



  • Able to move around despite being a Dorito
  • Assault Rifle. It does assualt rifle things.
  • Gary Stu Powers. After being revealed to be the Son of Redman, Lenny all of a sudden became a Gary Stu, effectivley making him invincible and able to win any battle.


  • Lenny The Dorito is the new most random Kaiju I've ever made. Yes. Even more random than Beamzilla.
  • I have no idea why I made this page.
  • Lenny The Dorito is the most pointless Kaiju in existence.
  • Don't let this Kaiju deter you from making a Le Lenny parody kaiju, this guy barley has anything to do with the meme.
  • Due to the fanart of him by Scoobs and some chat conversation, Lenny The Dorito has recently become the son of Redman, as the two both randomly murder Kaiju, as well as a parody of Ultraman Zero, the Ultra Series's Golden boy and resident Mary Sue.


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