Leviathan is a sea serpent kaiju created by SuperNerd295.


Leviathan is a long, thin blue serpent with fins on its frontal half. Starting around the tail it's body grows spikes which progressively get smaller. It has two sets of yellow eyes and a small fin growing on top of it's head.


Leviathan was found on the Plymouth beach, inside the Plymouth Rock building on the right of the rock. AKEPS officials claimed the area was being attacked by a kaiju, but really just snatched the necklace. However, after returning to the streets, the water behind them began to rumble, and a young blonde boy walked up to them. He out stretched his hands and the necklace ripped out of the AKEPS agents pocket and flew into his hands. The boy said "Hello. My name is James. And I am the rightful owner of Leviathan." The agents snapped at him but a higher ranking officer assured them he was the owner. The boy, only 7, was brought back to AKEPS base where he would be trained for 7 years. During the 8th year, he met Yuki, the owner of Pepe, the land deity. The two quickly became friends and are even love interests. The two fought side by side against Mekanaria but failed. Soon after Square rooted the Final Fantasy base into Universe 666. During the rebellion against Square, Leviathan warped the ocean to her will and used it to drown the Final Fantasy Base, severely damaging Mekanaria, forcing Enix to make Diablos.


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  • Water manipulation - Leviathan can shape stretch and bend water, and even make it levitate. This was used in an extreme way to drown the Final Fantasy base.
  • Water spray - Leviathan can spray hot water out of her mouth.
  • Agile swimmer - name says it all.
  • Flight - While not in water, Leviathan can fly, all though this does cost her a large portion of her energy. She prefers to swim.


Leviathans name comes from the Biblical monster Leviathan, a large fish that would attack sailors. However, in more recent changes, Leviathan simply refers to a sea monster, usually of serpentine appearance.


  • Leviathan was only slightly inspired by the creature of the same name in the Final Fantasy series. I have known of the original Jewish beast, but I knew the serpentine version better and thought that it would be cool to make a kaiju based after it for at least 2 years now.
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