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The Giant Leviathan vs The Prehistoric Behemoth (or simply known as Leviathan vs Behemoth) is a 2017 puppet film

based on an original concept as well as on creatures mentioned in the Bible.

Plot: Edit

In an attempt to destroy the balance in God's creation Nahash finds the Leviathan, who dwells alone under the sea and is the last of his kind. Nahash convinces Leviathan that the Behemoths were responsible for the death of his kind, so the sea monster goes to seek vengeance on the giants. Meanwhile in a peaceful, beautiful land the behemoths and re'ems dwell in peace. This land is watched over by Cecil, who makes sure that the balance is in check. One day, however, the Leviathan makes a suprise attack on the land and injures a great many of the Behemoths. The leviathan then quickly leaves and takes one of the young as a hostage. Unknown to the sea monster the infant belonged to one particular Behemoth named Jesse, who was well known for his prowess and his courage. But then, Nahash cheats and tells the behemoths about it, which caused the youngster's father to pursue after leviathan, along with Cecil. But that's not all: while Leviathan holds the infant hostage, he actually begins warming up to the little guy.

Kaiju: Edit

Protagonists: Edit

  • Leviathan/Spinocroc: The main anti-hero of the film. A creature that is the last of his kind.
  • Cecil/Daniel: a winged lion-like beast appears as a peaceful force of nature as he aids Spinocroc to kill Nahash
  • Ziz/Litra: a giant eagle phoenix bird who first took a neutral side but later turns heroic.
  • Behemoth: a herd of prehistoric sauropod monster appears as supposed heroes who attacked spinocroc after the latter took one of their young member, but later they team up with him against nahash.
  • Gomora/Re'em: a massive ceratopsian-like creature that was controlled by nahash but later turned good.

Antagonists: Edit

  • Nahash: the bibical serpent from Genesis serves as the true villain and the one seeks for ruling the universe.
  • Unnamed-Jonah's fish like monster: TBA
  • Goliath: a massive humanoid creature that serves as Nahash' bodyguard.


Trivia Edit

  • The film's characters are mostly dinosaurs altered to fit the biblical description of certain unknown large creatures.
  • The film was originally was supposed to have the behemoths as major antagonists, and Leviathan as a protagonist, though the roles were changed due to the creator's will of being closer to the biblical depiction of the creatures.

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