Lisis is a living planet created by SuperNerd295. He is the first kaiju to appear in Jefferey's Jefftastic Space Adventures Season 2 besides Jefferey, Oh Pi (Universe 666), and Skeleturtle.


Lisis is a large planet the size of Jupiter. It has two continents, Xryluufa and Trisentia. It's vegetation is usually purple. It has two large yellow eyes coming out of the ocean. The ocean takes up the middle part of the planet. The planet is at such a distance from the sun it prevents poles from forming, yet somehow flora is abundant and is commonly traded for money on other planets. It has two equally intelligent species living on it, both trying to gain dominance over the other. The planet is often visited to collect rare plants for decoration and cooking.



Lisis is a living planet, one of it's kind, created at the creation of the universe. Located in the secluded Chivtung Galaxy, it lay dormant for millennia, allowing for it to evolve life. The Chivtung Galaxy is closest to the Sagitrenus Galaxy, 12 trillion light years away. After these few millennia it had evolved two tribe like species of which where visited by accident by a scout ship from the Sagitrenus Galaxy. These colonies began trading with the two on Lisis. Whilst doing so, they heard stories about two fruit, one makes you older the other younger. Despite searching for centuries, no one has found them.




As a planet, Lisis doesn't really do anything. However, Lisis is capable of telepathy and telekinesis. It can also manipulate the vast amount of vegetation on it's surface, and the water in it's oceans and rivers.


Lisis's name is derived from the word Life. It was changed around to resemble more closely a planet or stars name.


  • Lisis is inspired by other living planets in media such as Ego from the Marvel Comics Guardians of the Galaxy series.
    • Other kaiju on the wiki like Aetherium and G-Rex also helped inspire Lisis, although lightly due to them being a galaxy and a universe respectively.
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