This page features the characters that exist in the original cancelled series and The New Adventures of Oh Pi.

The New Adventures of Oh Pi

This features all of the characters that appear in The New Adventures of Oh Pi, a series written by Scoobydooman90001. More information on the series can be found on this page.

Human Characters

With the exception of John, the main human characters introduced in the first series were carried over from the original cancelled series. John was revealed to be a secret agent and was replaced by Lily in Series 2. More information about the human characters and their personalities can be found on the page for The New Adventures of Oh Pi.

Kaiju (Series One)

With the exception of the Giant Censor Box, all of the kaiju that appeared in the first series of The New Adventures of Oh Pi were taken and adapted from the kaiju that were planned to appear in the original cancelled series.

Kaiju (Series Two)

With the exception of Digital Oh Pi, Oh Petta, Platypus and Authoris, all of the kaiju that appeared in this series were new characters that had been created specifically for this series. In this series, Oh Petta replaced Nurth as part of the main cast of characters, though a parallel version of him made an appearance alongside others.

Kaiju (Series Three)

The third series was the first series to not feature any kaiju that were originally intended to appear in the original series. This series featured crossovers with two kaiju, Raptor and Jefferey.

Cancelled Kaiju

In the original cancelled series, a kaiju named Keemosaur was to make an appearance and would have battled Oh Pi in the dream world. When the series was rebooted, he was replaced with Giant Censor Box and went unused.

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