Little Godzilla is a kaiju used by Scoobydooman90001 in the series, Shin Minilla: Hero of Japan. He is one of the main characters and is Shin Minilla's best friend, though they were initially rivals. He first appeared in Half Brother, the fourth episode of the series.


Little Godzilla looks just like the original Little Godzilla, but he stands at the same height as Shin Minilla at just 5 foot 10 inches tall, matching the height of an average human. Despite his somewhat bulky appearance, he is still agile and can move quickly.


Little Godzilla first appeared during a kaiju attack as Kumonga rampaged through the city. Shin Minilla had attempted to stop him, but Kumonga had wrapped him up in spider webs. Little Godzilla came to the rescue and defeated the kaiju, killing it and then freeing Shin Minilla. He politely greeted Shin Minilla, who quickly became jealous of him. He proposed a competition to see who could defeat the most kaiju. Little Godzilla accepted, but only to stop Shin Minilla from annoying him. During this time, he defeated Ebirah, the Giant Octopus, Demeking and an over-sized Meganulon. He also beat up Baby Zilla with the help of Shin Minilla, claiming he "hated that guy".

Eventually getting bored of fighting kaiju, the two kaiju took a rest by a tree and began to talk about themselves. However, this conversation was soon cut short when Manda flooded the city so that she and Varan could destroy it. Agreeing to team up, Shin Minilla and Little Godzilla headed to the city and fought the two kaiju, successfully defeating the two of them after an intense battle. Shin Minilla complimented Little Godzilla and the two shook hands. Little Godzilla departed for the ocean to find somewhere else to fight kaiju, telling Shin Minilla that he had Tokyo and the rest of Japan well under control.


  • Speech: Unlike the original Little Godzilla, this version of the character is able to speak fluently. No explanation for this is given and he tells Shin Minilla that a lot of Godzillas can talk.
  • Atomic Beam: Little Godzilla is able to fire a standard blue atomic beam, just like Godzilla.
  • Atomic Bubbles: Briefly seen at the end of Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla, this ability is one of Little Godzilla's most deadliest attacks in this universe. They are capable of exploding upon impact but must be charged up before they can be used. Just one use of this attack completely exploded Varan's chest.
  • Strength: This version of Little Godzilla has been shown to have great strength, resisting both Ebirah and Manda when they tried to attack him. He also showed great durability and endurance, managing to make it past Demeking's fire breath unscathed.


  • Whereas the original version of Little Godzilla was weak, defenseless and only intended to be a cute character, this version of the character is a capable fighter who can actually fight off other kaiju.
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