Little Shrekzilla is Shrekzilla's son.


He looks like a horrid abomination of photoshop.


Apparently Shrekzilla settled down with a lady Ogre Kaiju at some point. He is apparently also a surprisingly good father. Little Shrekzilla led a resistance with his dad's friend Donkanguirus after Shrekzilla was killed by King Farquadorah. After breaking into Farquadorah's fortress, Little Shrekzilla and Donkanguirus were abel to kill him with help from a Dragon Kaiju that Donkanguirus was dating.


  • Same as Shrekzilla, but weaker


  • Little Shrekzilla is the second of my Kaiju to be the son of one of my pre-existing Kaiju, with T-Rex Jr being the first.
  • Little Shrekzilla, like Donkanguirus and Farquadorah, was created as an attempt to give Shrekzilla a supporting cast. Since Shrekzilla was killed by Farquadorah, he now just exists.

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