Lucifer is a parasitic creature created by Scoobydooman90001.

Appearance Edit

Lucifer looks just like a normal overgrown tongue louse. However, he is completely black in colour in his true form, has two long horns and white glowing eyes. He once had a humanoid body with arms and legs that was made completely out of the tongues of his past victims.

History Edit

This history section features spoilers for the ninth, fourteenth and nineteenth episodes of Council Of Creators. If you are interested in the series and do not want to be spoiled, then avoid reading this section!

Meeting Scoobydooman90001 Edit

Lucifer made his first appearance in the ninth episode posing as a normal overgrown tongue louse. Unaware of his true identity, the Fandom Users took him from his universe and sent him to Universe 1, home of the Council of Creators. As they had planned, Lucifer attached himself to Scooby's tongue, slowly digesting it. However, he was soon removed when Scoobs collected a strange liquid from the Green Fungal Plant Creature and got Hukak to slice him out of his mouth. Scoobs later burnt Lucifer and watched his body melt. Nobody wanted to touch Lucifer's corpse so they just left his dead body in the corner of the room where they could eventually forget about him.

Seducing the Creators Edit

Just a couple of weeks later, Lucifer came back to life and attached himself to Scooby's tongue a second time. Using unknown powers, he disabled all of the machinery in the base so that Scoobs could not travel to any other universe. This time, Lucifer tried to seduce the Creators so that he could lay eggs in their mouths. Dragging himself and a sleeping Scoobydooman behind him during the night, he successfully seduced SuperNerd and had sexual intercourse with him, laying eggs in his mouth. He tried to seduce Wolfzilla the next night, but Scoobs woke up and discovered what the evil louse had been doing. Before the louse could do anything else, Scoobs convinced Mosu to shoot the louse. Suffering severe injuries, Lucifer escaped to Universe 1719.

Destroying the City Edit

Returning to Universe 1719, Lucifer spent weeks tracking down a group of Green Fungal Plant Creatures so that he could use their restorative juices to recreate the tongues of the victims he had attacked in the past. He created a humanoid body made out of tongues and temporarily gained the ability to cross through universes. He came back to Universe 1 and announced his plans to get his revenge. Freezing the creators and absorbing SuperNerd, he headed to the city and began creating more tongue louses. During his rampage, he fought the Titanosaurus clone and killed him, eating his dead body afterwards. During this rampage, Scoobs traveled to his other universes to find kaiju that could help him. Befriending the Arubulis, he confronted Lucifer. Scoobs pinned him down to the ground and allowed the Arubulis to spread their diseases to him, sharing the diseases to the other tongue louses through his bond he had with them. All of the tongue louses died and Scoobs brutally attacked Lucifer, finally putting an end to him. He never found out that the Fandom Users unknowingly caused all of this.

Abilities Edit

  • Tongue Eating: Just like a normal tongue louse, Lucifer is able to latch onto the tongues of his victims so that he can digest them. However, he has adapted to be able to do more as a tongue. He is able to drag their bodies around when they sleep and can even act as a tongue to communicate to his intended victims.
  • Mobility: Like other overgrown tongue louses, Lucifer is able to live on land so that he can attack more people and eat their tongues.
  • Durability: Lucifer is very strong and can withstand many different attacks, having survived being burned, melted and shot in the face.
  • Speech: When he created a new body made out of tongues, Lucifer was able to use them to speak in the voices of all of his past victims.
  • Eye Beams: Lucifer can fire white beams from his eyes to slice through entire buildings.
  • Fire Beams: Lucifer can fire beams made out of fire from the spaces in between his many tongues.
  • Saliva Beams: Lucifer can fire saliva beams at his enemies. This puts them to sleep and freezes them.
  • Bonding: Lucifer can flash his eyes different colours so that he can make a bond with his victims or other tongue louses. He did this to seduce Nerd and tried to seduce Wolfzilla.

Trivia Edit

  • Lucifer is the first kaiju in Universe 1719 to not just be a regular animal. He is an intelligent being that behaves just as an evil tyrant would act, coming up with evil schemes to achieve his goals.
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