As his name implies, MLG Titanosaurus is Titanosaurus's MLG form.

Appearance Edit

MLG Titanosaurus looks like Titanosaurus but MLG and swaggier.

History Edit

Titanosaurus gained this form after he was hanging out with Ultraman and Alien Nackle at the bar, until the nearest city was attacked by the Illuminati and Gendo Ikari. Titanosaurus, Ultraman, and Nackle fought them off, until Nyan Cat arrived and showered them in Mountain Dew and Doritos, transforming the three into their MLG forms. After forcing the Illuminati into retreat and killing Gendo Ikari, Titanosaurus celebrated the victory alongside Nyan Cat and a random Japanese man. MLG Titanosaurus later helped MLG Ultraman, Nyan Cat, and MLG Nackle destroy Square Enix's base in Universe 986.

Abilities Edit

  • Same as normal Titanosaurus
  • swag
  • Knife: Knife.
  • cigarette that shoots fireballs
  • Super Saiyan powers.

Trivia Edit

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