Maga Ghidorah is the last of the Demon Beasts that appear in the upcoming Ultraman fan fiction series called Ultraclan.


Part 1

When Gigaton's Maga Orochi was defeated by the Ultraclan, he used the orb, conjured the spirits of the elemental Demon Beasts and the King Demon Beast, Maga Orochi, then merged them to form Maga Ghidorah. He knew this one would be the most powerful of them all, and declared it The Emperor Demon Beast. He soon sent it to destroy Earth.

Destroying it did. It used its powerful abilities to level Osaka. Despite this, the Ultraclan arrived. They battle the behemoth with the intent to stop it from reaching any other place in the world. At this point, it was terrestrial, and easier to fight. Though it was easier, it still was't easy. After several hours, Ultraman Joji attempted to land an attack, Maga Ghidorah was about to obliterate him. However, Ultraman Akihiko sacrificed himself by colliding into Ultraman Joji, and being obliterated himself.

Part 2

After almost vaporizing Maga Ghidorah, Maga Ghidorah easily regenerated, and their fear came true. Maga Ghidorah'a wings unfolded and spanned out. It soon took to the sky, blasting its dark matter blast all around to attempt at the devastation of Earth.

Likewise, Ultraman Daigo, Ultraman Joji, Ultrawoman Chico, and Ultrawoman Hana elevated to combat Maga Ghidorah. After another set of hours, Ultrawoman Chiyo finally manages to get behind Maga Ghidorah, and used her plasma touch to disintegrate its wings, and the Kaiju plunged down to the ground. Heavily injured, it slowly started to regenerate, when the combined Solar blasts completely vaporized Maga Ghidorah.


Maga Ghidorah is quadrupedal, like most of the Ghidorahs. It has a more broad snout, and a long tail. It's form is fairly bulky, but is still excellent in aeronautical combat.

It is mostly black, with silvery skales on its chest, undertail, and wings. It has red scales down its neck, and saphire red eyes.


  • Maga Dark Matter breath
  • Regeneration
  • Flight
  • Constriction
  • Miniture Black Hole blast
  • Meteor dive


  • The design for Maga Ghidorah is slightLhasa based off Desggidirah and Keiser Ghidorah, with the resemblance to a classical dragon.