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Magorin is a disgusting flesh kaiju created by Scoobydooman90001.


Magorin is a gigantic blob made out of flesh. He has a giant smiling baby head on the top of his body and has a green flailing tube coming out of his neck that oozes a strange liquid. Four stick-like structures push out of his body, each with their pores unrealistically widened open. Blood and flesh often drops out of them. The creature has eight small three-fingered baby hands on the front of its body that it uses to pull itself forwards. The creature can rip its neck open to reveal an eye on a red antennae. As revealed in the animation of Magorin's transformation, his original human face still resides somewhere within his body, trapped in his large, fleshy mass where it can't be seen or heard by anyone.


Magorin started off as a young child that had nothing better to do than terrorize innocent people who were busy doing their own thing. He made multiple disgusting images of Roland Emmerich who he seemed to hate with a passion. He also attacked a pregnant lady (who he knocked unconscious) and vandalized a gay pride parade float, urinating all over it. SuperNerd and MosuFan2004 decided to deal with the boy before he caused any more trouble. However, a strange alien liquid (the same alien liquid from The New Adventures of Oh Pi that created Bunny) suddenly infected him and transformed him into a hideous blob of flesh. He slowly made his way through the city but was unable to do much due to his immense size. Spotting a monkey at the zoo and believing it to be Spamming Monkey, he focused his attention on the zoo and headed towards it. SuperNerd and MosuFan2004 quickly worked together to destroy the creature, successfully killing it. They later returned to the Council of Creators who had no idea what happened, merely assuming they told the little boy off. SuperNerd soon told them what really happened.


  • Moving: Magorin uses his baby hands to pull himself around. He can use them to climb up buildings.
  • Expanding: Like a puffer fish, Magorin can expand his body into a giant sphere to destroy nearby buildings.
  • Green Tube: The flailing green tube under his neck occasionally fires blobs of slime in random directions.


  • Magorin is a parody of an obnoxious user named Magara who has been banned across the Fandom network multiple times now. Like a villain in a TV show, he strangely manages to always find a way to come back.
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