Episode 8 Kaiju

Magular is a subterranean Kaiju who appears in the Ultraman 2017 Reboot.


Magular in the reboot universe is identical to his most recent incarnation.


A monstrous subterranean behemoth thriving in the Monster Lawless Zone, Magular kept to himself, only poking his head out on occasion to witness the colossal clashes between the island's inhabitants. Magular was first seen emerging from the ground during a fight between Red King and Chandora. Frightened off by Red King, Magular burrowed away again and later ran into Hayata and the Captain. The monster attacked the two and managed to injure Hayata by knocking him down a hill and causing him to lose the Beta Capsule. The SSSP threw grenades at the monster to distract it, and eventually, Magular, most likely only annoyed by these attacks, burrowed away.

Magular later reappeared and got into a fight with Ultraman. Magular did pretty well against the Ultra, but eventually Ultraman won out when he grabbed Magular, flipped him around, and threw him back to the ground. Magular was defeated once more, retreating underground.

Magular was not seen again and is presumed to be alive, keeping to himself and not bothering anyone.


  • Burrowing: Magular can burrow at moderate speeds.


  • Magular's history in the reboot is only slightly changed. I felt it was stupid that he was originally killed by simple grenades so I changed it, and him actually getting to fight Ultraman was inspired by promotional shots that showed him getting to fight the Ultra.
  • The way Ultraman defeats Magular mirrors how Ultraman killed the Magular that was part of Ultraman Belial's 100 monster army.
  • Magular survived in this version because....idk I just felt like it.