Manpissed is a fan made kaiju by SuperNerd295. It was turned into a kaiju after being cursed by a wizard in Jamaica.


Manpissed is a large, green, bipedal mantis with large yellow claws, and assorted spots on it's body constantly producing blood. It's head is that of a humans skull and it's body is a large pile of human waste matter. It has long wavy arms that are connected to large yellow claws. It's feet and claws are covered in blood, imitating a recent murder.


Manpissed was once a normal mantis, until he booked a trip to Jamaica with his child and wife. After having met Bob Marley, an evil wizard saw him and cursed him, turning him twice his height. Returning home he realized his head was now a human skull and his body was made of human feces. As his wife came back with his son after a short shopping trip, they attempted to run but Manpissed stepped on and killed them instantly. He began to grow to 3 times his new size, and parts of his body erupted into bloody wounds. He stabbed a random passerby with his claws, now feeding off a blood thirsty rage. More parts of his body began to bleed out. He grew 20 times his even newer height, and began to run around Jamaica killing people everywhere, knocking down houses and eating people alive. By the end of this massacre he became 100 times that size, making him 2358.9239 feet tall. It quickly moved to North America and shrank down to 1015.964567 feet tall. It ended up tracking down the wizard, killing him.


  • Super Edge Cutters - Manpissed has claws so sharp they can rip through flesh in seconds.
  • Poisoned blood - His blood is made of poisons.
  • Knife - Knife
  • Extreme totally not made to save his life from danger ""luck"" - It saves him from everything but he has to bleed more so it's always a very small gash.


Manpissed's name is a parody of the word Mantis, of which is the creature he is based after, except ending in the word Pissed, a profanity meaning aggressive and angry.


  • Manpissed was originally supposed to be a giant mantis the height of Godzilla with feces for a body. This was changed to make him look ""cooler"".
  • Manpissed is the only kaiju to have blood constantly dripping from him in universe 666.
  • He is also the only kaiju that killed it's wife and son, and they only one to have them.
  • Manpissed's size is simply something I came up with using an online calculator when I was bored.
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