MechaGamera is a mecha created by MaxVonDraken on YouTube. MaxVonDraken also created a fanmade kaiju show called 'Kaiju Kings' where Mecha Gamera appeared in. MechaGamera is a mecha controlled by an unnamed alien.


  • Flight
  • Shotgun
  • Laser fired from the mouth
  • Laser fired from the hands
  • Fire balls
  • His shell can deflect beam attacks


Fake Godzilla was destroying a city, it then saw Godzilla. Meanwhile on Toto Island, Gamera was making some kind of sculpture, then Fake Gamera appeared and used it's fireball, aiming at Gamera but instead missing and hitting the 'sculpture'. Meanwhile in the city, Godzilla attacked Fake Godzilla and ripped off Fake Godzilla's eye and saw metal underneath. Back on Toto Island Gamera used his fire on Fake Gamera and saw metal on him to. Fake Godzilla transformed into Mechagodzilla and Fake Gamera transformed into MechaGamera, then Mechagodzilla used his eye beams on Godzilla, but failed. Godzilla used his atomic breath on Mechagodzilla and destroyed one of his eyes, then Mechagodzilla fired two missiles on Godzilla. Meanwhile on Toto Island MechaGamera used his lasers on Gamera, but failed, then MechaGamera used his laser again but he missed, then Gamera threw his 'sculpture' at MechaGamera, then Gamera flew to Godzilla and MechaGamera flew to Mechagodzilla. MechaGamera and Mechagodzilla almost killed Godzilla and Gamera but then Gamera flew away with Godzilla on his back, then Godzilla used his atomic breath and Gamera used his fireball two times, atomic breath and one fireball were deflected from MechaGamera's shell and one fireball shot MechaGamera's tail. Gamera then used his ultimate plasma on Godzilla's dorsal plates and it gave Godzilla energy, then Godzilla used his Spiral Ray on MechaGamera and Mechagodzilla and destroyed both robots.


MechaGamera is a robotic version of Gamera. As such, he greatly resembles Gamera, and some extent, Mechagodzilla.


  • The idea of MechaGamera has been thrown around by members of the Godzilla and Gamera fandoms for years, this article is specifically about MaxVonDraken's version.