MechaJefferey is a mechanical version of Jefferey's child form created by the remainder of the Universal Army and crafted out of their destroyed motherships.


MechaJefferey is a robotic version of Jefferey. His eyes are yellow triangles made of glass, and his cross is made of a dark grey metal. His wings and feet are also made of this dark grey metal. That's about it.


Main Article: Jefferey's Jefftastic Space Adventures - What it Means to Hate!


  • Flight - MekeJefferey is capable of flight via jets behind it's highly movable wings.
  • Cross Star - MechaJefferey can release a large beam from his face cross. Face Cross... Imma trade mark that.
  • Eye Beam - MechaJefferey can shoot eye beams from his eyes. What a description.
  • Weapon Bang Boom - MechaJefferey fires all of the weapons inside of him in a finishing attack. Bang Boom indeed.


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