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MechaKingGhidorah789 is one of the Council of Creators. He was introduced in the episode, The Courtroom of Corruption.


He takes the appearance of Mecha King Ghidorah, but with a few changes. His wings are now a shade of dark blue, with the numbers 7, 8, and 9 on the wings, as well as the letters MKG on the bottom. His eyes are also all a light blue colour.


He has yet to appear in any stories, but he is friends with the Council of Creators. He has also created various kaiju features on this wiki.


- Mecha King Ghidorah's Powers: The shown powers of the original Mecha King Ghidorah

- Trampoline Boomerangs: He has boomerangs made out of trampolines which are able to ricochet off of walls and other solid surfaces. It is said these can beat the moon.

- French Toast Shield: He carries a shield made out of French Toast

- Hug Crusher of Death: His giant claw arm can also be used as a death crusher


- He is the coolest dude in the universe

- His favorite known food is French Toast

- He has an slightly unhealthy obsession with trampolines

- He has his own wiki with kaijus also appearing on this wiki

- The design for MKG789's avatar was based on an avatar created by Mosufan2004 for the series Wikizilla: Resurgence.