Mecha Anguirus is a cyborg created by Square Enix.


Mecha Anguirus looks much like the normal Anguirus, but with several metallic attachments relating to his cyborg nature.


After the particularly difficult battle in Universe 986, Square Enix decided they needed to create weapons specifically designed to combat that universe's Kaiju, and thus project "Mecha Everyone" was born. Mecca Anguirus was one of the many projects Square began working on. Using the remains of an Anguirus from a universe SE had already conquered, Square constructed a cyborg doppelgänger of Godzilla's closest ally, completely subservient to SE, a zombie reanimated by be technology. For it's first test run, Mecha Anguirus was sent out to fight it's Universe 986 counterpart. Mecca Anguirus proved to be successful at first, until Godzilla arrived on the scene to aid his friend. The two managed to force Mecha Anguirus into retreat, and the cyborg now currently resides in SE'S HQ, waiting to be deployed again.


  • Teeth. Due to it's mechanical attachments, Mecha Anguirus has a much stronger bite and much sharper tech then it's fully organic counterpart.
  • Flight. Mecha Anguirus is capable of flight, like all of SE's the mechs.
  • Dimensional Travel. Like most members of SE, Mecha Anguirus has a built in dimensional teleporter
  • Mecha Anguirus retains all of the abilities of it's organic counterpart, with the exception of the Sonic Roar, which is supplemented with a sonic cannon place inside the cyborg's throat.
  • Missiles. Mecha Anguirus can fire missiles from it's mechanical attachments.
  • Laser. Mecha Anguirus can fire a laser from glowing red dot on the metallic part of his right arm.


  • Mecha Anguirus is the second of SE's mechs to be a cyborg, after Mecha Seagoras.
  • Mecha Anguirus is the first Square Enix mech I've made in a while.