Mecha Archon (Japanese translation: Meka Arukon) is the fifth opponent Archon faced.


The Galvalithians had studied Earth to see wether it would be easy to conquer. What they found was that there was a monster named Archon. It had vanquished many other creatures that appeared. To terminate Archon, and conquer the human race, they built a giant machine called Mecha Archon.

It first attacked San Jose, and then Seattle, where Archon surfaced. The two fought with a force unknown. However, Archon lost against Mecha Archon in Seattle. Mecha Archon appeared in Vancouver, and started destroying it.

However, Archon surfaced there. Archon attacked first. This damaged Mecha Archon's jets. However, this didn't stop this mechanical counterpart. The two fought for several hours.

When Mecha Archon launched one its harpoons at Archon, Archon grabbed it and ripped it off. He soon used his new weapon, stabbing at Mecha Archon repestitively.

Eventually, Mecha Archon was damaged to the point of collapse, and Archon blasted heat breath at Mecha Archon.


Mecha Archon has the same shape as Archon (of course), but is a robot, with weapons on him.

He is moslty silver in color, with the joints, the neck, and the tail being a steel- gray. he also has yellow, glowing eyes.


  • Photon beam (from its mouth)
  • Harpoon launchers
  • Missile launcher
  • Plasma blaster
  • Jet pack
  • Saw- blade head
  • Laser from its saw


  • This one was one of the closest to defeating Archon.