Mecha Black King is a robotic duplicate of Black King created by Square Enix.


As it's name implies, Mecha Black King resembles a roboti version of Black King, albeit noticeably miscolored and unfinished looking.


Created during the final stages of the "Mecha Everyone" project, Mecha Black King was the most rushed out of all of SE's new mechs. The robot was brought online before it's completion, leaving it not as aesthetically pleasing as SE's other robots, but just as functional and deadly. For it's first test run, Mecha Black King was sent to Universe 986 to do battle with it's organic counterpart. Mecha Black King proved to be quite powerful in spite of it's unfinished nature, but was eventually forced into retreat when Ultraman Jack appeared on the scene and fended off the robot alongside Black King. Mecha Black King currently resides in Square's HQ, waiting to be deployed as part of their plans.


  • Flight
  • Horn. Mecha Black King sports a sharp horn that can be sued against enemies in close range combat.
  • Eye Beams
  • Chest Missiles. Mecha Black King can fire two large missiles from it's chest. These are actually quite powerful, even more so then the Black Hole Planet 3 Alien's Mechagoodzilla's finger missiles.
  • Neck Laser. Mecha Black King can fire a beam of green energy from the device on it's neck. However, this weapon can be used against Mecha Black King as if the Neck Laser device were to be damaged, it could go critical, explode, and destroy the robot's head.
  • Dimensional Travel.
  • Full-body Missiles. Mecha Black King can fire smaller, weaker missiles from various ports on his body.
  • Claws. Due to it's rushed nature, Mecha Black King does not sport proper hands like it's organic counterpart, instead large claw hands that can be used clamp down on enemies.


  • Mecha Black King is the second-to last character on the multi Kaiju tie on the poll I had to make.
  • This kaiju was inspired by the figure used as it's infobox image. Said figure was presumably made by Bandai.