MechaGenerikko is an black mechanical kaiju created by Scoobydooman90001.


After seven years of studying Generikko, the Ulvertarions finished building their new weapon, MechaGenerikko. They sent it down to Earth where it encountered Generikko. The two got into a fight and it seemed that MechaGenerikko had the upper hand. However, the tables soon turned when Generikko located a weak spot on the back of MechaGenerikko's neck. Exploiting this weakness, he blasted MechaGenerikko's back open and tore out all of the wiring and mechanical parts operating inside of the machine. Before the humans could collect the pieces of the destroyed robot, the Ulvertarions descended and abducted the destroyed robot so that they could repair the robot and create a new superior version.


MechaGenerikko is designed to look similar to Generikko, though he is black in colour. He has red eyes that can focus on one particular target and his mouth can open to reveal a laser cannon. He has three spikes coming out of the top of his head. He has two arms with large shield-like shapes on them that he can use to protect himself from enemy attacks. Instead of having hands, he has laser cannons that can fire burning red lasers. He has four thin legs and a long tail with two claws at the end. They can generate red laser spheres that can be fired at his enemies.


  • Laser Mouth: As Generikko can utilise two different atomic beams, MechaGenerikko has been designed to do the same. He is able to open his mouth to reveal a laser cannon, which can fire green lasers to burn his enemies. Unlike Generikko, he is unable to fire a purple laser as it is redundant and serves no purpose.
  • Laser Arms: MechaGenerikko has two laser cannons mounted on her arms that can fire burning red lasers. This is his most commonly used move as he can aim these lasers anywhere around him.
  • Laser Spheres: MechaGenerikko has two claws at the end of his tail that can generate red laser spheres. He is able to fire these at his opponents like target-seeking missiles.
  • Targeting: MechaGenerikko has glowing red eyes that become smaller when he focuses on a specific target. This is useful as it allows him to get perfect accuracy when he attacks.
  • Grabbing: When he isn't generating red laser spheres, MechaGenerikko can grab his enemies using his tail.
  • Protection: MechaGenerikko has strange shield-shaped arms that he can use to protect himself from any attacks his enemies may throw at him.
  • Agility: Due to having four mechanical legs, MechaGenerikko is able to move incredibly fast.


  • MechaGenerikko is loosely inspired from the MechaGodzilla that appeared in Godzilla vs. MechaGodzilla and Terror of MechaGodzilla.
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