Mecha Gorosaurus is a robotic duplicate of Gorosaurus created by Square Enix


Mecha Gorosaurus looks like robotic version of Gorosaurs with arm blades, large feet, and some extra spikes


After the particularly difficult battle in Universe 986, Square Enix decided they needed to create weapons specifically designed to combat that universe's Kaiju, and thus project "Mecha Everyone" was born. Mecha Gorosaurus was created based on data SE had attained on both the original Gorosaurus. Mecha Gorosaurus was sent alongside Mecha Zilla on a test run in order to kill their organic counterparts. However, both robots were fended off when T-Rex, The Indominus Rex, a Vastaosaurus Rex, and Godzillasaurus arrived on the scene. Both robots were forced into retreat, and remain at SE headquarters waiting to be deployed for the final offensive.


  • Arm Blades
  • Kangaroo kick (More power then the original Gorosaurus's kick)
  • Flight
  • Beam fired from mouth


  • Ignore the random size comparison Gundam.