Mecha MechaGodzilla is an upgraded MechaGodzilla created by Scoobydooman90001.


Mecha MechaGodzilla looks just like the MechaGodzilla that appeared in Terror of MechaGodzilla. However, his hands, feet, dorsal plates and tails are replaced with smaller versions of his head. He also has a miniature version of his head placed on top of his normal head.


In Universe 201, Mecha MechaGodzilla was a fictional character in the film GRAMVRBRMKJJFZKK vs. MKGMKGGHMBSLMDSBOMXGMELGMMEU: Giant Cash-Grab All-Out Attack! In the movie, he was created by the Kilaaks who had unleashed him and their other kaiju to fight the kaiju that had been created by the Xiliens. However, he was brought out of the movie and into real life when Humarok used his powers to bring the monsters, the Xiliens and the Kilaaks from the movie to life. The two alien races continued their long war with each other and wreaked havoc across the Earth. Humarok made it his mission to fight each kaiju and defeat the Xiliens and the Kilaaks. Just a couple of months later, he came across Mecha MechaGodzilla, MechaGodzilla, MechaMothra and Mechani-Kong who were terrorizing a small village isolated in the desert. The four mechanical kaiju teamed up against Humarok and managed to knock him down easily. After the battle, Humarok hunted the four mechanical creatures down again but only found Mecha MechaGodzilla, MechaGodzilla and Mechani-Kong. He fought them and took a more strategic approach, forcing them to accidentally attack each other with their weapons. Mecha MechaGodzilla became the last one standing and got into a one-on-one battle with Humarok. At first, he had the upper hand but was surprised when MechaMothra descended from the clouds and began fighting him. It turned out she had a few traces of the original Mothra inside of her and could not stand to see humanity come to any harm. Humarok and MechaMothra damaged Mecha MechaGodzilla to the point where he could move, but he managed to get the last laugh by igniting MechaMothra with a lethal blow. However, she actually had the last laugh as she fell directly into Mecha MechaGodzilla, exploding both of them.


Mecha MechaGodzilla has many abilities. These include:

  • Durability - Due to being made from space titanium, Mecha MechaGodzilla is very durable.
  • Rotating Heads - All of the heads on Mecha MechaGodzilla's body can rotate 360 degrees.
  • Forcefield - Mecha MechaGodzilla can produce a blue forcefield.
  • Missiles - Mecha MechaGodzilla can fire heat-seeking missiles from his mouth.
  • Chest Beam - Mecha MechaGodzilla can fire a sharp orange beam from his chest.
  • Eye Lasers - Mecha MechaGodzilla can fire flashing lasers from his eyes.
  • Rockets - Mecha MechaGodzilla can still use the rockets that MechaGodzilla had in his feet. For this kaiju, they come out of the mouths that replace his feet.
  • Heat Ray - Like Fake Godzilla did in its one film appearance, Mecha MechaGodzilla can fire a heat ray that mimics Godzilla's atomic beam.


  • The only reason MechaMothra teamed up with Mecha MechaGodzilla was due to the fact that they had both been created by the Kilaaks.
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