Mecha Red is a robotic version of Red created by Square Enix.


He looks like a robotic version of Red. What a surprise.


After the particularly difficult battle in Universe 986, Square Enix decided they needed to create weapons specifically designed to combat that universe's Kaiju, and thus project "Mecha Everyone" was born. Mecha Red was built based on data SE had collected on the original. For it's test run, the robot was sent to kill Solomon, but Godzilla, Mothra, and Anguirus showed up, and helped him fend off the robotic demon. The original Red, who had been banished to hell, could sense the creation of this robitic double. This enraged him, and Red started building up his strength, in order to rise to the surface to defeat the imposter. Mecha Red on the other hand, remains at SE HQ, awaiting the next time it will be deployed.


  • Eye Beams
  • Laser fired from mouth
  • Incredibly fast
  • Flight (rocket boosters located in feet)
  • tail can be used as a blade weapon.


  • Mecha Red is the first fan made NES Creepypasta Kaiju to receive a page on this wiki.
  • Mecha Red is the only once of SE's mechas to be based off a fan made Kaiju
  • I have no idea why he is colored like the original Red. Just roll with it.