Mecha Seagoras is the cyborg version of a Seagoras from another universe that was created by Square Enix


Mecha Seagoras looks like the Showa Mechagodzilla, but with a radically different color scheme and Seagoras's head.


After the particularly difficult battle in Universe 986, Square Enix decided they needed to create weapons specifically designed to combat that universe's Kaiju, and thus project "Mecha Everyone" was born. Mecha Seagoras was created from the remains of a Seagoras from another universe that SE had conquered, combined with one of their mass-produced Simian Mechagodzillas. Mecha Seagoras was sent out on a test run against it's organic counterpart. Mecha Seagoras would have one the battle, if not for the timely intervention of Ultraman Jack. The cyborg was forced into retreat, and remains at SE's HQ, waiting to be deployed for their invasion


  • Horn Lighting
  • Finger/toe/knee missiles
  • Flight
  • Chest Beam


  • Mecha Seagoras's design is based off of an odd bootleg figure I found on the internet. Said figure can be seen above.
  • Mecha Seagoras is the second instance of a Kaiju fighting an alternate universe version of themself in Universe 986, the first being Varan fighting Ghost Varan. Godzilla fighting Shin Ghost Godzilla could be counted as another instance, but those two are quite different from one another.