Mecha Skeleturtle is an mechanical kaiju created by Scoobydooman90001.


Mecha Skeleturtle is a mechanized version of Skeleturtle. It is dark grey in colour and is made of a strange metal discovered in space. For convenience, the flippers have been removed and replaced with strong metal legs. Mecha Skeleturtle has three laser cannons mounted on its back and sides.


Mecha Skeleturtle was first created when the Lemon company visited Monster Island. Using their metal conversion liquid, they sprayed multiple different monsters living on the island. One of these was Skeleturtle, a peaceful kaiju that was unable to defend itself against the liquid. The metal conversion liquid took over and Mecha Skeleturtle was created. Now that they had a design for Mecha Skeleturtle, Lemon began mass producing them in their factories to create an army. Lemon eventually unleashed their army on the world. However, they were confronted by Godzilla Man. He got into a large fight with the army and managed to destroy most of them. Using their army as a distraction, Lemon prepared the metal conversion liquid and sprayed Godzilla Man with it, transforming him into Mecha Godzilla Man. Lemon continued to mass produce their mechanical army and destroy cities.


  • Laser Cannons: Mecha Skeleturtle has three laser cannons mounted on its body. The cannons can turn around to face behind Mecha Skeleturtle and attack any advancing enemies.
  • Targeting: Mecha Skeleturtle can use his red eyes to focus on specific targets.
  • Flight: Mecha Skeleturtle is able to lift off of the ground and fly at incredibly fast speeds.
  • Durability: Mecha Skeleturtle is made from a very strong metal discovered in space.
  • Agility: Due to having four mechanical legs, Mecha Skeleturtle is able to move incredibly fast.


  • Unlike Skeleturtle, Mecha Skeleturtle is not our lord, god or savior.
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