Mega Godzilla is a from of Mega Man that was gained after absorbing Super Godzilla's characteristics.


Mega Godzilla looks like Super Godzilla in Meg Man amor.


Mega Godzilla was created when Mega Man and Godzilla teamed up to stop Dr. Wily's Mechagodzilla. During the battle, Godzilla transformed into Super Godzilla, and later allowed Mega Man to absorb his characteristics, creating Mega Godzilla. Together, the two defeated Dr. Wily and his Mechagodzilla.

Mega Godzilla (Video Game)

Mega Godzilla serves as the main character of the video game he shares his name with. In the game, Mega Godzilla must battle his way through 8 stages defeating Dr. Wily's Mecha Masters, before finally battling Wily himself, in order to save the world. If you dont suck at the game, he accomplishes this goal, as he did when the game's events were suspiciously mirrored in real life.


  • Mega Buster
  • Nova Breath
  • Falcon Punch
  • energy projectiles from his tail
  • absorbing the characteristics of others
  • Gud jumper


  • Credit to SpaceG92 for the sprite
  • Yes Mega Man exists in Universe 986 now, deal with it.