Mera is a green turtle kaiju created by Scoobydooman90001.


Mera looks like a giant upright turtle, though that resemblance is pretty vague at best. He has a blank expression on his face, two long arms with three claws, a large body and two circular feet. He also has a long tail.


Mera is a very innocent kaiju and doesn't intend to actually do any harm. He'll only defend himself if there is nothing else he can do. As displayed in the infobox image, Mera uses his signature wave gesture whenever he comes across another kaiju. He even does this to buildings.


Project: Generikko

Having been born in the same lab as Generikko as a normal turtle, Mera was mutated after multiple tests had been run on him to improve his durability. He soon grew in size and began roaming the ocean. Eventually, he came onto land and walked around the city, fascinated by his surroundings. He soon encountered Generikko, who had assumed he was an invading kaiju. Mera attempted to run away in fear, but was beat down to the ground by Generikko. Mera then fought back and the two engaged in a battle. However, Janet soon showed up and Mera ran away to the ocean in fear. He was never seen again, though he's most likely still alive somewhere.


Mera has very few abilities:

  • Strength: Mera is evenly matched in strength with Generikko. He managed to knock over a building just by nudging it with his hand, not intending to actually destroy it.
  • Plasma Beam: Mera can open his mouth and fire a burning plasma beam.
  • Swimming: Mera is an incredibly fast swimmer.


  • Mera's name and appearance is a parody of Zilla and Gamera, indicating that this is merely a lame adaptation of Gamera who didn't live up the source material.
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