Misfortune.zilla is a Creepypasta Kaiju based on that was created by KoopaGalaxain. Like its non-kaiju counterpart, Misfortune.zilla is assumed to be Satan himself.


Misfortune.zilla (Hereafter referred to as Misfortune to save space) is a shadow-like monster with an overall shape similar to Godzilla. He exudes a strange, bright red aura from his body, and possesses unusually large white eyes without any irises and slot-shaped pupils. Misfortune also has a set of horns on his head, as well as dark red wings.


Rumoured to be Satan himself, Misfortune inhabits a great number of different Kaiju-themed video games, slumbering within the depths of the games to await anyone brave or foolish enough to uncover him.

Once discovered, Misfortune hijacks the video game he is currently inhabiting, preventing normal gameplay. Using the game as his personal connection between Hell and Earth, Misfortune challenges the player to complete his numerous tasks. Should the player fail, Misfortune will make misfortune befall the player or their loved ones.


  • This sprite's outline and the wings were scratch sprited by me.
  • Misfortune.zilla, much like, takes great pleasure in putting his unfortunate playthings through numerous trials.


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