0 Edit

1.1.0. Edit

  • Big Badum Tssssss! (same as the big bang but with 99% more badum tssss!)/Creation of the universe 2004.

177 Edit

3.1.177. Edit

  • Creation of the first toilet in the whole Universe 2004.

1679 Edit

6.9.1679. Edit

  • MF4 and swag were created.

1998 Edit

5.1.1998. Edit

  • Opening of the first McDonald's restaurant on Jupiter.

2006 Edit

7.6.2006. Edit

  • A Predatorius Rex got mutated and became P-rex.

2012 Edit

4.4.2012. Edit

  • Beggining of the 5 years long war between Toilet Papers and Toiler Brushes on Planet Toilet.

2016 Edit

1.1.2016. Edit

1.2.2016. Edit

  • The creation of grammar.

7.6.2016. Edit

  • P-rex attacks New York.

8.11.2016. Edit

  • The death of grammar.
  • Gawdzila was created.

2017 Edit

1.5.2017. Edit

1.6.2017. Edit

  • Dubsteparian came to Earth and created his first dubstep song.

1.7.2017. Edit

1.10.2017. Edit

2.2.2017. Edit

3.2.2017. Edit

9.2.2017. Edit

10.2.2017. Edit

18.2.2017. Edit

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