Mothra clone is a clone of Mothra made by unnamed Aliens to help Mecha Mechagodzilla in combat.


As a clone, she looks exactly like the normal Mothra, but with a mind control device in her head.



Mothra clone, along with Titanosaurus clone, were sent to help Mecha Mechagodzilla against Godzilla and the Mechagodzillas. She was destroyed along with her allies.

Going to Universe 986

Mothra Clone later ended up in Universe 986 through a wormhole, possibly the same one that brought Mecha Mechagodzilla to Universe 986. Mothra Clone was later killed by Godzilla when she attacked him for no reason while he was playing volleyball with Ebirah, ridding the multiverse of this useless kaiju.


Same as normal Mothra


  • The only reason this page exists is because I'm an insane completionist.
  • Yes, that grey dot is the mind control device.
  • It's kind of sad that this is the first Mothra variation to receive a page on this wiki.