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Myos is a mutant muscular pathogen, and an antagonist in Periodic Genesis: Dawn of Sepsis.


Myos is a bizarre creature, bearing the body of Godzilla with an extremely long neck and red skin. What appears to be one large eye is actually one of a pair of jaws that can open and close independently.


Periodic Genesis: Dawn of Sepsis

No... let him die... you will soon get your chance...

- Myos

Myos first appeared while WeegeeZilla was fighting Keratos, watching the battle from a cave deep underground. He was shown to be mentally unsound, equally hoping and fearing for Keratos's death. Ultimately, Myos decided that if Keratos died, Sepsis would have to choose him next, and then his thirst for blood would be quenched...

Council of Creators

Myos was first referenced in Council of Creators Episode 20, meaning that he must have been created by Sepsis prior to this event.

Myos later appeared in the following episode, where he mounted an ambush against the Council of Creators at their base. After a long battle against the combined efforts of Super, Scoobs, Cdr and later Koopa, Myos was ultimately brutally wounded and burnt to death as the result of a lit match thrown by Koopa igniting the vapours of alcohol from the destroyed bar.


  • Twin Jaw Beam: Myos can fire an enhanced version of Godzilla's Atomic Breath from both jaws at once. With this, Myos can ignite opponents or cause severe injuries that cut right through the opponent's muscular tissue.


  • Despite not yet appearing in Dawn of Sepsis, Myos has already gone through a total of three designs, with his current design being the third.
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